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Presentations and Events

I love presenting speeches, classes and workshops that are interactive, dynamic, and entertaining.


Delivering programs to individuals, teams, and organizations throughout the country, my passion is inspiring and uplifting others so they can live well and realize their full potential.


Infinite Possibilities is a program that inspires executives, leaders, and everyday people to let go of limiting beliefs and create the life they want.


Other topics include: meditation, mindfulness, Qigong, Chinese Medicine, Five Element theory, acupuncture, mental health, women's health, Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and energy medicine.

My past events include:

Lululemon is a yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company for women and men. Their vision is to create a community hub where people can learn and discuss the physical aspects of healthy living, mindfulness and living a life of possibility.  Noell led community meditations in Lafayette Square, New Orleans as part of lululemon’s “Take Zen” series.


The University of New Orleans is ranked among the top 1,000 universities in the world, according to the Center for World University Rankings.  Noell provided group acupuncture for students and faculty during the 2016 De-Stress Fest, a University sponsored event that centers around products and services that promote relaxation and healing. 

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Tales of the Cocktail is an international festival drawing thousands to the New Orleans area every year. Noell was a featured speaker at the inaugural launch of the first health & wellness series at Tales of the Cocktail, sponsored by Bacardi. She taught bartenders and food and beverage professionals vital tools to balance their energy using the Five Element theory in Chinese medicine.

Tut is an online community of over 700,000 people. At TUT's Infinite Possibilities Orlando conference, Noell presented a speech titled, "Thoughts Become Health," highlighting the way perception can change our physical bodies and what that means for health.

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Tulane University is one of the most respected private universities in the United States, and ranks #40 in National Universities according to US News Best Colleges. Noell developed and presented a proprietary on-site training for employees in the Success Center titled "Transforming Public Speaking," to help encourage participation and alleviate fears around presenting to groups.  


Tasc Performance is a leader in innovative performance apparel. They "look to nature for performance, not chemicals from a lab." The company mission is to enhance the active experience through the innovation of original fabrics, namely using bamboo. Noell provided in-store meditation for a community event series based in New Orleans.

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