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"We all sense a connection between our physical well-being and mental/emotional states, but Noell has a gift to deeply analyze that connection and treat her patients holistically. After working with Noell I have begun to really listen to my body and respond appropriately. She is an expert at treating both acute/short term issue as well as long-term well-being and balance. Noell has also given me tools to treat myself; working with her has been an empowering experience."


H.P., teacher and artist 


"I was scared and skeptical to try acupuncture. After my first appointment with Noell, I was hooked. I have left every appointment extremely pleased. Noell Is magical! She has transformed my life with her sensitivity to my body. Noell has helped me with both acute issues (neck stiffness/immobilization days before riding in Mardi Gras) and long-term recovery (complete knee reconstruction and recovery). Thanks to Noell, I can now walk up and down stairs without holding not the handrail. Life-changer, both body and mind."


MH, real estate agent 

 "Noell is fantastic. Trust her method! I got relief that muscle relaxers and Advil weren't coming close to helping with."


CS, teacher 


"Now after four sessions I can say I am almost shocked with the difference it has made. My joint mobility has improved a great deal and my stress is night and day from what it was. Noell is incredible from the start. Taking as long as it needs to find out the best path you need for true healing by getting to know you as a whole. But not only that, she truly cares about you and your well being. You can tell this is not just a job for her but a love and a passion . This is truly a special lady with the ability to heal with touch or words. A session with her is pretty much like taking a healing vacation from the world."


MH, retail manager


"Noell is such a wonderful healer. Her spirit is calm and she is full of insight and wisdom. She is gentle and knows how to ease newbies into the process. I felt different after one session."  


PJ, model



"After undergoing surgery in May 2016, I had major numbness and pain in my right foot. Noell was able to focus on my concerns with the numbness and within 20 minutes after our session I regained the majority of feeling in my foot! Such an amazing experience that improved my everyday life. Noell is an amazing healer and I would highly recommend visiting her whether or not you have had acupuncture before."  


KB, nonprofit development 

"Noell is a truly talented and gifted acupuncturist! In just four treatments, she helped me get to the root of my physical pain in my knee as well as become aware of some past emotional pains which were overdue to let go of. My overall energy is flowing again."  


MW, real estate broker


"Noell has a beautiful ability to tap into your energy and direct 100% of her love and attention to what you need in that moment. I went to her in a serious rut and after an hour and a few different techniques, I could literally feel the energy start to flow freely again in my body. When she wasn't with me in the room, she was researching other things for me to look up afterwards. She truly dedicates herself to her patients and it set the experience apart from any other I've had. If you don't believe in energy healing, Noell will change your mind!"  

AF, health clinic manager 

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