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Your Amazing Human Body

One of the things I am committed to in my own life is personal growth. This desire has led me down the path to where I am now as a practitioner and public speaker. I can say that I have both seen and personally experienced many different "alternative" healing modalities. The amazing thing is they all work. Not all of the time, and not for every person, but they all have worked even though they follow completely different ideas about health in the body.

The same can be said when we look at how "traditional" treatment of disease unfolds over time. Medications and surgery don't always work for everyone all of the time. I end up seeing a lot of patients who are at the end of their rope as far as the traditional approach to health goes, and that is one of the reasons I do what I do. My approach is not traditional; the traditional approach is to plan for the worst-case scenario and try to prevent that from happening. It is to see dis-ease as something bad that we need to fight! It's based on fear rather than trusting that our bodies are amazing, and any dis-ease is actually a gift. It's our body's way of bringing us into balance and indicating something needs to change. And, in my opinion, often that change goes deeper than a med or a surgery.

Couple that truth with the amazing world of epigenetics! What epigenetics says is that we can alter DNA through lifestyle changes. More and more studies are pointing to the role thoughts and emotions based on perception change the expression of DNA. Both the placebo and the "nocebo" have documented physiological effects. This is based on our perception of what is happening, and that means that perception itself can alter our state of health.

This is why I am making a call for Love-Based Medicine. Love-Based medicine starts with the idea that genes do not control biology, and that, as Lao-Tzu once said "When you correct your mind, everything else will fall into place."

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